Saturday, 16 October 2010

Smarty-Cat of the Day: Object Permanence

Today's special cat comes from the User Answers, "Intelligent Cats." Thanks to Guest, "talkativecatmom" for sharing. (The only thing she left out is her cat's name.)

"My cats are always 'in' on our activities -- whatever we (humans) are doing, they're right up front, taking part. I was home from school for a break, when I was typing a paper. My cat and laptop were both perched on my desk (my lap must have been taken?), and at one point she became very concentrated on the screen so I decided to play with my cursor for a bit. My laptop screen was such that if I took the cursor to the side, the arrow would disappear from our view (unlike those that stay at the edge of the screen, no matter how far you move your mouse). I noticed her interest so I did that a couple of times. And at one point, I found her walking to the backside of the laptop screen in search of the arrow! While some say not animals understand the concept of object permanence, my cat supported otherwise! (She was such a smart, caring, loving, considerate cat; the bestest cat to ever share my life!)

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