Saturday, 16 October 2010

Dog Breed of the Week: Australian Shepherd

australian shepherd dog breed photo

The Australian Shepherd is a highly intelligent, athletic and loyal dog breed that is known for it's hard work and motivated spirit. These dogs are never happier than they are when working, especially if the work involves interaction with their human caregivers. Aussies tend to be healthy dogs with friendly temperaments. They fit in well with all types of homes as long as there is work to do. If not, you might find your Aussie trying to herd you!

Lovers of the Australian Shepherd are highly devoted to their dogs and understand their need for work. Aussies are often seen participating in dog sports like Frisbee, herding trials, obedience competition and agility. They are also wonderful service dogs. Basically, you can teach the Aussie a job and that job will get done well. Plus, they're a ton of fun to have around! Aussie fans, please share your stories so others can learn about this wonderful breed.

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