Saturday, 16 October 2010

Cat Picture of the Week: Sinbad

"It started when I was a teen and my family allowed me to adopt a pair (brother & sister) of black cats (Bombay-mixed). Their gold eyes and sleek coats gave them quite a mystique. We had to part with them when my family moved to a place that didn't allow animals. But now, I'm on my own and have 3 cats of my own, including a beautiful black cat (another Bombay-mix) I call Sinbad. He, like the other two cats is my furry kid. I love them all, but he's my "favored" one."

Simba's story first appeared in the "Why I Love Black Cats" Show and Tell gallery. You may also submit your own black cat story for October 2010 in our Show and Tell. Selected photos will also be included in a new 2010 Black Cat Picture Gallery.

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