Saturday, 16 October 2010

Horse Safety Quiz

My daughter recently went to visit a friend who lives about two hours away. This was the first time she had driven a long distance by herself. So before she went and much to her annoyance, her father and I anxiously reminded her of all the safety rules about driving alone. When she competes out on trail, or over a cross country course, I have to bite my tongue when I feel myself wanting to do the same sort of thing. If I did, I'd only get the exasperated sigh that expresses how she thinks her mother is dumb and mud. She has been raised on horseback, and the safety rules have been ingrained from the start. (Of course, I have to suppress a snicker when she does the same thing to me.)? When we are working with horses, there is a lot to remember. We want to avoid accidents and injury to our horses or ourselves. Do you know how to stay safe while grooming, riding and driving? Test your horse and pony safety knowledge with the Horse Safety Quiz.

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