Saturday, 16 October 2010

Naming Black Cats

How did you arrive at a name for your black cat? Did the name come from Egyptian history (did you know the Egyptians considered black cats lucky?), or perhaps from the middle ages when black cats were felt to be witches' "familiars" and feared as such? Salem seems to be a popular black cat name, harking back to the time in that city's past when witches and their cats were hung. Did you name your cat after his color? Plain old Blackie seems to be popular enough, but some folks reach out to black colored objects, such as Onyx, Obsidian, or Licorice. Then, of course is the plethora of possibilities stemming from the occult, which covers a wide range, including Diablo, Satan, and Witch.

How about people, either real or fictional? Othello is a popular name for black cats, as is Sammy. It was interesting to learn that a Bombay cat named Barack Obama made its appeared at the Madison Square Garden in the 6th annual CFA-Iams Cat Championship show in 2008 (a campaign ploy?).

I'd like to hear from people who share their homes with black cats. How did you come to name him or her? Post your comments here, then submit your black cat's photo and story for the Why I Love Black Cats Picture Gallery. Pictured here is a cat named Midnight.
Photo Credit: © Jeanne Buynak

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