Saturday, 16 October 2010

Common Types of Cat Aggression

From Amy Shojai: "Cat aggression has many faces. Dealing with cat aggression goes beyond stopping cat fights. Understanding and identifying the different types of aggression, and the common causes behind of cat aggression, is vital in order to know how to deal with the problem and stop cat aggression."

"It can be hard to read aggression in some cats, like this Scottish Fold named "Amy" unless you know them well. The ears rise slightly and slant backwards during defense, normally wide eyes become slightly wider, and the brow becomes furrowed. These cats tighten up their upper body, with front paws tucked under, or else one paw extended, ready to take a swipe at the offending party."
Photo Credit ? Ev Russell and Kinross Folds

Learn more about eight different kinds of cat aggression.

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