Saturday, 16 October 2010

Don't Shoot Me - High Visibility Wear for Horses

We are approaching hunting season in my area and that means we will be sharing the forests and fields with hunters. For horseback riders this means a little more caution is necessary when heading out. Photo: 2010 K. Blocksdorf One way to make sure your horse will not be mistaken for a deer or moose by an anxious hunter is to put on some 'blaze orange'. Blaze orange is the color you often see on signs, pylons and the clothes of anyone who wants to make sure they are visible. Don't Shoot Me - High Visibility Wear for Horses has a great line of products in blaze orange for horse and rider (and dogs). They sent me their fly bonnet to take a look at, and I was impressed by the quality. It was certainly an almost fluorescent orange!

Beyond donning some blaze orange, there are a few things you can do to avoid getting in a hunter's line of sight. Safe Horseback Riding In Hunting Season provides some suggestions to keep everyone safe while they enjoy their favorite sport during the beautiful fall weather.

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